Marathon Souvlaki
Beverages, Wine and Beer
Soft Drink 2.00  
Canned Soft Drink 2.50  
Pitcher of Soft Drink 7.50  
Bottled Water 2.00 (500ml) 3.50 (1L)
Mineral Water 2.75 (250ml) 4.75 (750ml)
Juices / Milk / Ice Tea 2.00  
Tea / Coffee / Tisane 2.00  
Domestic 5.00  
Imported 6.00  
Red Wine    
Valpolicella Folonari 8.00/Glass 30.00/Bottle
Naoussa Boutari 8.00/Glass 30.00/Bottle
Naoussa Boutari (Reserve)   42.00/Bottle
Tsantalis Rapsani 7.50/Glass 28.00/Bottle
Chianti Ruffino 9.00/Glass 35.00/Bottle
Kouros Kourtakis Nemea 8.00/Glass 30.00/Bottle
Tsantalis Nemea 7.50/Glass 25.00/Bottle
White Wine / Rosé    
Kouros Patras Kourtaki 8.00/Glass 30.00/Bottle
Agioritikos Tsantalis 9.00/Glass 35.00/Bottle
Retsina Kechribari 500ml   18.00/Bottle
Atlantis, Argyros, Santorini 9.00/Glass 35.00/Bottle
E&J Gallo Zinfandel 7.00/Glass 27.00/Bottle
House Wine    
Nobella Red - 6.50/Glass 12.00/ 0.5L 22.00/ 1L
Nobella White - 6.50/Glass 12.00/ 0.5L 22.00/ 1L
Metaxa 5.00  
Ouzo 5.00  
Sambuca 5.00  
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